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Hey y’all!

My name is Lauren and I’m the owner and designer for Lauren Amos Designs!

I create handmade beaded jewelry that appeals to women of all ages and specialize in
designing custom bridal and bridesmaid jewelry!

I’m a Charleston, SC native and earned an Accounting degree from the University of
South Carolina (Go Gamecocks!). I married my high school sweetheart and we’ve
recently moved to Raleigh, NC with our sweet schnoodle pup, Addie! I’ll definitely miss
the beach and salt water smell, but I’m excited for this new adventure!

I started Lauren Amos Designs while I was in college and have always thought of
making jewelry as my fun hobby. Since I’ve moved to Raleigh, this had been my full
time job and I’m thrilled with the success so far!

I love creating all kinds of different designs, using bright beautiful colors and unique
findings, but still keep the jewelry simple enough to wear everyday! I really enjoy
working with gemstones and designing pieces to showcase the beauty of the gems! My
favorite piece of jewelry to wear are earrings and you’ll definitely find lots of fabulous
earrings all the time in my online shop!